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the artist's signature

we've all seen this before...we all know how it ends...

a skyline fracture
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  • skylinefracture@livejournal.com
5-piece melodic hardcore comparible to the offspring of a fairweather/taken/boys night out threesome. Driven, powerful guitars that are unpredictabley catchy at times and yet enticingly original and technical others, uniquely up beat and insanely caliberated percussion stylings, empassioned vocals that express perfectly the intentions of the deliciously bitter, delicately violent lyrics, mixed together to create an envelopingly cynical and vividly artistic musical experience.

"You want a bio? Well here is your Bio. A Skyline Fracture isn't your normal poppy TRL punk band. Infact they're not poppy or punk or TRL material. I would punch each of the members in the throat if they ever appeared on TRL. What genre are they? They are fucking RAD that's what. You listen to the lyrics and the music flows into it. After listening to them, you feel as if you need to accomplish something in your life to better yourself, or at least buy their album to better theirs. Don't let their baby eating habits bother you, just listen to their music and shut the fuck up." - Marty H. from Mesa Arizona

"Combining the genres of Emo and Hardcore, A Skyline Fracture, Straight out of Torrance, CA is definitely a worth while band. With amazing background screams and vocals that leave you nothing left to do but sing along. The lyrics are also something quite unique. With a very bitter sense to them, and almost any fan can relate to, the lyrics have almost anyone relating to them. What more could anyone ask for? The perfect combination of vox and music put together to form 1 band. A Skyline Fracture. So, don't waste time on anyone else out there. Take a listen to "The Artist's Signature" And see what the hype is all about!" - Rob from PA

"asf is fuckin cool" - A.F. Giguere